Migration and Displacement

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Development Induced Displacement in Kenyan Cities

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This policy brief addresses the problem of forced evictions resulting from development in Kenyan cities. In it, the author synthesizes the findings of a conference on ‘Urban Displacement’ convened by the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s African Migration Hub in Nairobi on August 28th 2023. Surveying a wide range of literature and legal cases brought by civil society on behalf of displaced communities, Development-induced Displacement in Kenyan Cities provides new and original policy recommendations on how to improve migration and displacement governance at the local, national, and international level.
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Internal Displacement in Ethiopia: Towards a New Policy and Legal Framework for Durable Solutions

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This analysis reviews and identifies gaps within the existing legal and policy frameworks related to internally displaced persons (IDPs) using an approach based on human security. It provides recommendations on the protection of these groups from attacks, pervasive human rights abuses and re-displacement, thereby contributing to the consolidation of a durable solution based on proactive policies and a new legal framework.