Richard Mulei, 34; Casual Industrial Worker

Portrait of Richard Mulei

I live in Kasabuni. I live with my wife and a child. There is unemployment so the youth in the area go into crime. Houses are made of mud, iron sheets and timber. We buy water from vendors and use unregulated electricity lines.

I have moved within Kasabuni four times because of rent and space. Moving is expensive. I have had to sell things to pay rent and deposits. My child was burned in an accident. Moving with the child in a delicate state after the accident was challenging because they had sustained deep burns.

Portrait of Richard Mulei

During the 2007 post-election violence some communities had to move from Kasabuni. To date some communities still leave during election period.

The cost of living has become high for me and my family. I get paid at the end of the month so I have to get food on credit sometimes. Maize flour has become very expensive. As Hatua Youth Group we have tried doing kitchen gardens. We have grown vegetables, but we need training on how to do urban farming, tools and water supply connections.

This testimony is part of the Dossier Urban Displacement. Forced Evictions: Stories from the Frontline in African Cities